Walnut Worktops
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Solid Walnut Worktops

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European walnut is a much lighter variety to the American Black type which gives some fantastic colour variations within a single worktop piece. The grain can appear wavy making it a great talking point of your new kitchen.


European Walnut

European Walnut 4m x 620mm x 40mm £305.00
3m x 620mm x 40mm £240.00
2m x 620mm x 40mm £185.00
1m x 620mm x 40mm £90.00
4m x 720mm x 40mm £340.00
3m x 720mm x 40mm £275.00
2m x 720mm x 40mm £200.00
1m x 720mm x 40mm £110.00
4m x 620mm x 32mm £260.00
3m x 620mm x 32mm £195.00
2m x 620mm x 32mm £140.00
1m x 620mm x 32mm £80.00
Breakfast Bars    
3m x 950mm x 40mm £340.00
2m x 950mm x 40mm £230.00
1½m x 950mm x 40mm £190.00
4m x 80mm x 20mm £40.00
  2m x 80mm x 20mm £25.00

Small Stave Walnut

Natural Walnut 4m x 620mm x 40mm £249.00
3m x 620mm x 40mm £190.00
2m x 620mm x 40mm £130.00

Full Stave Black American Walnut

Black American Walnut 1m x 640mm x 38mm £140.00
1.5m x 640mm x 38mm £220.00
1.8m x 640mm x 38mm £275.00
2.1m x 640mm x 38mm £320.00
2.4m x 640mm x 38mm £365.00
2.7m x 640mm x 38mm £405.00
3m x 640mm x 38mm £455.00
3.3m x 640mm x 38mm £500.00
3.6m x 640mm x 38mm £580.00
Breakfast Bars    
1m x 960mm x 38mm £210.00
1.5m x 960mm x 38mm £330.00
1.8m x 960mm x 38mm £415.00
2.1m x 960mm x 38mm £480.00
2.4m x 960mm x 38mm £547.00
3m x 80mm x 20mm £50.00


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