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Solid Acacia Worktops

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Acacia is a fairly new wood to be used for worktops and originates from south-eastern Australia and Tasmania. Colour-wise Acacia wood tends to be quite a pinkish/yellowish colour with silvery streaks running through the grain, which generally runs quite straight.


Acacia 40mm Staves

Acacia 1m x 650mm x 40mm £55.00
Out of Stock
2m x 650mm x 40mm £100.00
3m x 650mm x 40mm £150.00
4m x 650mm x 40mm £195.00
1.5m x 950mm x 40mm £130.00
2m x 950mm x 40mm £160.00
3m x 950mm x 40mm £250.00



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