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End Grain Oak Worktops

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End grain butcher block worktops are created by fusing together the end pieces of wood staves into a checkerboard pattern. The end grain of the wood is considered the strongest and most durable part of it.


Butchers Blocks

Acacia End Grain Oak Worktops  
1200 x 620 x 50mm £139.00
960 x 900 x 50mm £215.00
Out of stock
1200 x 620 x 80mm £249.00
960 x 900 x 80mm £295.00
Out of stock
End Grain Beech Worktops  
1200 x 620 x 50mm £119.00
Out of stock
Butchers Block Worktops

It has a particularly warm look and feel, is naturally anti-bacterial and is incredibly strong and durable. These end grain tops could be used on their own or in addition to materials such as granite and quartz to soften the look of your kitchen with its unique patterns. Our Oak butcher block worktops come in 1 standard size but bespoke sizes could be made on request.


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