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Solid Zebrano Worktops

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Zebrano is a very striking statement for a modern style kitchen with a strong dark grain running through the wonderful toffee and caramel tones. This exotic wood is becoming a popular addition to many kitchen designers style book!


Zebrano - 40mm Staves

Zebrano 4m x 620mm x 40mm £460.00
3m x 620mm x 40mm £360.00
2m x 620mm x 40mm £260.00
1m x 620mm x 40mm £125.00
Breakfast Bar:    
3m x 920mm x 40mm £490.00
2m x 920mm x 40mm £380.00
1.5m x 920mm x 40mm £250.00
4m x 80mm x 18mm


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